In the State of California, child support is based upon a guideline formula. Some of the factors considered in the guideline formula are each party’s income (or ability to earn), the visitation timeshare, tax filing status, and standard deductions such as health insurance, union dues, mandatory retirement payments. Temporary spousal support may also be calculated using the Guideline Calculator or Dissomaster program.

Though the “Guideline” calculations are intended to streamline the process, there are still many variables and considerations which may affect the outcome of the support calculation. In cases where a permanent spousal support order is being sought, the Courts cannot rely solely upon the “Guideline” and must instead consider the factors set forth in Family Code Section 4320.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney assist you in your child support or spousal support issues can significantly impact the amount of support you receive or pay. At The Beringer Law Firm, we have almost a decade of experience dealing with child support and spousal support issues. Whether you are just starting your case and need to obtain or oppose a request for a temporary support order, or if you have an existing temporary or permanent order, we can represent you to ensure the best possible outcome for you under the law.

If you are involved in a paternity action, you may have the right to request child support or you may be obligated to pay child support based upon factors such as timeshare, income, and guideline deductions. At The Beringer Law Firm, we are experienced in all types of child support actions, whether they are stemming from a divorce, paternity action, or are administered by the Department of Child Support Services. Contact us today for a free thirty minute consultation to learn about how The Beringer Law Firm can help you with your support matter.

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